Materials Bags



All Aston leather products are made from eco-friendly vegetal tanned leathers where the supply of the leathers attained as bi-products from the food industry establishments. The Aston products made from the vegetal tanned leathers are water resistant and tend to age beautifully gaining patina and character over the years.

The vegetal tanning ensures that the natural substances are used during the tanning process, using the natural oil and dies, extracted from the vegetable tanins, trees and plants. Since the quality of the hide is what sets one leather piece apart from another, our artisans carefully select premium full-grain hides which are then finished with natural oils to result in a leather with a soft hand and visible, grain pattern.


We use only solid brass hardware for our buckles, rivets and hooks ensuring that there is no tarnishing or rusting in the case of rain and humidity over the years of using your product. When you purchase an Aston product, you are making an investment that will pay dividend for many years to come. In fact, we are so sure that our product shall withstand the rigors of normal use, that we offer lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship. Due to the superior quality of the lather used to make an Aston product, our products can be passed down from one generation to the next.  


We at Aston guarantee that every step of production is held to the highest standard. From the type of skins used, to the workmanship and style, we are confident you will not find a superior product anywhere in the world.